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two weeks, more or less, and counting - i have to come up with a title? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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two weeks, more or less, and counting [Mar. 6th, 2015|04:54 am]

About two weeks to my due date, more or less. This has so far been about the easiest third trimester imaginable -- I was feeling great, and hardly like I was pregnant even, until about a week ago, when my body suddenly realized it was having a baby soon and maybe it should, like, be doing things to accommodate that. So now suddenly everything is stretching in weird ways and I can't run after E and I'm developing that attractive waddle where people in the hallways at work look at me in a concerned way because they're worried they'll have to take me to the hospital or something.

(Totally random story: Yesterday at group meeting -- this is a meeting of about 15 people -- group leader said to me, "We've never had two pregnant women at a group meeting before!" ...The other woman in our group just declared her pregnancy. The funny thing is that two women is just about the maximum we ever have at group meeting, so having two pregnant women is, yeah, kind of rare.)

Today is my last official day at work, although I have to go in next week if I'm still around and update my boss, who has been sick this entire week, poor guy. (I worry I've been getting him sick this winter, what with spreading my kiddo's germs around, but this last one was Provably Not My Fault because he'd been out of town previously.)

Other things:

-Tutoring is OVER as of late January, when C. had her exam and the semester ended. We were all hugely relieved, except for E., who loved it when C. came over and misses her. (C. has been back to babysit a couple of times, which E. really enjoys.) She got a B in the class, which... I have really mixed feelings about, because honestly she didn't deserve a B in this class and really if it hadn't been for her mom constantly worrying at the teacher she wouldn't have gotten that, but on the other hand if she'd been taking a conceptual physics class like she ought to have, she would have easily made a B. So whatever. The other interesting thing is that I've been (slowly) reading a book on developmental issues, and the ADHD chapter -- did I mention that C. has been diagnosed with ADHD? -- exactly describes C., and makes sense of things that I didn't quite understand while tutoring her. I wish I'd read it when I'd started instead of afterwards.

-I'm giving up Catholic choir when the baby comes, whee! (It has been getting more and more dire, and this is a bit of an excuse to give it up.) This Sunday is supposed to be my last one. Choir director is trying to get me to come the Sunday after. I am skeptical, but I guess if I feel okay I'll try to go.

-E. is excited about the baby, and I'm worried that the reality might not be anything like she expects... we've talked about how the baby will cry a lot, etc., but...

-I don't have nerves exactly, because pregnancy for me seems to release a lot of calming hormones, but I've been remembering those first harrowing eighteen months or so after having a baby (I told my sister that the first month after having E was the hardest month of my life, which I wish someone had said to me; but apparently I neglected to mention how the second month after having her was the second-hardest month, which I should have done), and thinking about that bit in Winterfair Gifts a lot, you know, the bit where Miles and Taura are talking:

"You know how the recruits got pre-combat nerves, before they went out on a mission the first time?"

"Oh, yes."

"Now. Do you remember how they got pre-combat nerves before they had to go out on a big drop for the
second time?"